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Terms & Conditions

By using the CellphTech Used mobile Phones for sell service you are agreeing to the following terms, If you don’t accept them, please do not submit or send us your cell phone.

This is a legally binding contract between CellphTech and its affiliates and you. Please read this before sending us your cell phone

1. Your Mobile Phone

Each cell phone must be fully functional. That means it must power on, LCD displays work and not broken or bleeding, keypad works, scroll bars works, no corrupt software, no security code or password enabled, no broken antenna, no water damage, no loose or broken flip, display light comes on, ringer works, speaker and microphone work, camera works and does not has any crack on the body. A red dot that has "bled" beneath your battery on your phone is an indication that it has come in contact with moisture or water and we cannot buy this phone

2. Security Code

If you’ve enabled your cell phone with a security code or password, you must disable it or reset the password/code to 0000. We will not accept any phones that require a security code or password.

3. Shipping Your Phone

When you ship us your cell phone, make sure it is packed well so that they will not be crushed or otherwise damaged from shipping. We do not accept liability associated with damaged merchandise sent to us.

4. Lost or Stolen Phones

Please do not attempt to sell a cell phone that is stolen or one that has been found; it will be reported to proper authorities.

5. Sim Cards

Cell phone with SIM cards do not need to be released. All others MUST be released and have a zero account balance. Any cell phone that has not been released or carry an unpaid balance may be returned only at owner’s expense (to include shipping and rejection fees).

Please ensure you remove your SIM card before sending us your mobile phone as SIM cards contain personal information. CellphTech will not accept liability if SIM cards are sent with the handset and any charges are incurred before or after receipt of your handset. Unfortunately once we have received SIM cards we are unable to return them.


Each cell phone must have a valid and verifiable IMEI or ESN Serial Number. That means we will not accept a cell phone that is missing the serial number sticker inside, is scratched off, or worn out.

7. Customer Information

CellphTech is not responsible for removing information from any cell phone and cannot guarantee that all information left will be deleted. It is your responsibility to delete all personal/sensitive information from the cell phone before submit to CellphTech .

8. Outstanding Balance

All cellphones must be deactivated and have no remaining outstanding balance on the account. If a cell phone is not deactivated or has an outstanding balance, the final value will be reduced to zero

9. Payments

Payment will be made after 7days of the receipt of your cell phone. If the cell phone does not meet the condition mentioned above, we will e-mail a modified offer. If you do not agree with our offer, we may return the cell phone to you at your own expense. Seller must respond to any modified offer within 5 days or CellphTech will assume the modified offer is accepted and complete the order with the modified offer. We are unable to return mobile phones that are sent to us and are accepted at full price or after a customer accepts a mobile phone value at a lower price. Mobile phones will be returned to customers only if a lower price is offered and rejected.From time to time we will change the offer values of mobile phones on the website with no notice. If you trade in a mobile phone we will pay the value on the date of trade.

10. Pricing

All pricing is subject to change without notice. For all prices and offers, CellphTech reserves the right to make adjustments due to phone’s quality, changing market conditions, product availability, and other extenuating circumstances. Please note that all prices and offers are conditional. We will process and test each phone. Top dollar will be paid for quality cell phone in acceptable condition.

11. Minors

CellphTech does not accept phones from minors. You must be 18 years of age or older to utilize our service.

12. Re-use and recycling

We work to substantially reduce the number of mobile phones that are sent to landfill sites. As mobile phones and their batteries contain several dangerous metals, including lead, cadmium, lithium and mercury, re-use and recycling helps protect the environment and save natural resources.

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